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Tax Disputes

Provide the support and expertise you need to navigate tax disputes successfully

Navigating Complex Tax Disputes with Confidence

Disagreements with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) can quickly become complex and challenging. At Ysquared Chartered Accountants, we are here to help you navigate the intricate process of tax disputes, ensuring that your case is presented accurately and effectively.

Understanding the Tax Dispute Process

Tax disputes with the IRD involve strict procedures and tight deadlines. It is crucial to follow these steps meticulously to avoid unnecessary complications:

  • Notice of Proposed Adjustment (NOPA): If you receive a NOPA and disagree with it, you must challenge it within two months. The response must adhere to specific formats and content requirements.

  • Statement of Position (SOP): If the dispute progresses, you will need to provide the IRD with a Binding Statement of Position. This document is critical, as you cannot introduce new material later in the process.

Tax Dispute Services by Ysquared Chartered Accountants, NZ

Our Expertise

  • Expert Representation: We ensure that your case is presented correctly and within the required deadlines. Our team will guide you through every step, from responding to a NOPA to submitting a comprehensive SOP.

  • Precise Documentation: We ensure that all necessary information is provided to the IRD promptly, preventing you from having to pay incorrect taxes due to missed deadlines. 

  • Skilled Negotiation: If the dispute remains unresolved after initial submissions, our team will negotiate with the IRD on your behalf. Should the dispute escalate, we will help you prepare a binding SOP, ensuring it is technically accurate to support your case in an independent adjudication.

Why Us

  • Tax Knowledge: We understand the best approaches to take at each stage of the dispute, ensuring that your interests are well-represented.

  • Peace of Mind: By partnering with Ysquared Chartered Accountants, you can focus on your business while we handle the complexities of the dispute. We aim to resolve the matter efficiently, maintaining a good relationship with the IRD.

  • Timely Action: Time is of the essence in tax disputes. Immediate action can significantly affect the outcome. Contact us as soon as you receive a NOPA or any other communication from the IRD to ensure that we can help you respond appropriately and on time.

If you are in dispute with the IRD, don't face it alone. Reach out to us for expert assistance and ensure your case is handled effectively

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