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Overdue Tax Returns

Don't let overdue tax returns cause you unnecessary stress

Take Immediate Action to Catch Up on Your Taxes

If you've missed filing your tax return due to a busy schedule, travel, or simply finding the process too complex, it's crucial to address it immediately. Ignoring overdue tax returns can lead to severe consequences, including potential audits by the IRD.

Overdue Tax Returns?
Act Now!

At Ysquared Chartered Accountants, we're here to help you get back on track.

The IRD actively collects data about your income from various sources, including banks, employers, and government agencies. This information is matched against your IRD Number, and discrepancies can trigger audits and penalties. Ysquared Chartered Accountant specialises in resolving such issues, helping you minimise IRD penalties.

Overdue Tax Return Services by Ysquared Chartered Accountants, NZ

Why It's Important

  • Legal Compliance: Failing to file tax returns and declare income is a criminal offense. The IRD takes such matters seriously and will take action once they identify non-compliance.

  • Avoiding Penalties: The longer you delay, the more penalties and interest you'll accrue. Acting quickly can help reduce these financial burdens.

Our Expertise

  • Catch-Up Filing: We assist in filing overdue tax returns, ensuring all necessary information is accurately reported.

  • Penalty Reduction: Our expertise can help you negotiate with the IRD to minimize penalties and interest charges.

  • Ongoing Support: We provide continuous support to manage your tax obligations and prevent future issues.

Let Ysquared Chartered Accountant help you catch up on overdue tax returns and ensure a compliant and secure financial future.

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