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We will keep you up to date with your Inland Revenue requirements

Auckland's Premier Tax Accountants


Struggling to manage your tax returns?

Seeking assistance with bookkeeping or GST?

Or perhaps you're gearing up for an IRD tax audit?

No matter the challenge, our team of qualified tax accountants can provide the solutions you need.

At our firm, you'll gain access to seasoned personal and small business accountants ready to assist you.

We offer a diverse range of accounting & bookkeeping services, tailored to meet your unique requirements.

IRD Tax Debt

  • Thorough evaluation of your tax liabilities

  • File outstanding tax returns

  • Skilled negotiation with tax authorities for manageable payment terms

  • Creation of structured repayment plans

  • Assistance in preparing hardship-based requests for debt relief

  • Advocacy for fair consideration of your financial situation

  • Representation and support during discussions with tax officials

  • Negotiation of IRD penalties and interest

IRD Tax Audit

  • Comprehensive assistance during IRD audits

  • Thorough review of financial records and documentation

  • Identification of potential issues and discrepancies

  • Preparation of necessary documentation for the audit process

  • Expert guidance and representation during discussions with tax authorities

  • Identification of areas for improvement to enhance future compliance

  • Timely response to IRD inquiries and information requests

  • Mitigation of potential penalties and fines through strategic negotiation

Bookkeeping & Outsourcing

  • Streamlined management of financial records

  • Accurate recording of transactions

  • Accounts payable and receivable management

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Financial report generation

  • Outsourced finance department

  • Real-time access to financial data

  • Compliance with accounting standards and regulations

  • Focus on core business activities while we handle financial tasks

Tax Planning

  • Strategic tax planning tailored to your financial goals

  • Identification of tax-saving opportunities

  • Optimisation of deductions and credits

  • Advice on tax-efficient investments

  • Business restructuring for tax efficiency

  • Tax payment plan

Case Studies


Self-Employed Individual's GST Reporting Mistake Leads to Investigation by IRD


Successfully Resolving Tax Debt Issues for a Retired Business Owner


Mr Chen Reduced Penalties in Property Sale

How we work

Initial meeting to review case status

Fixed fee + performance based 

Ongoing support on tax compliance

It is in our best interest to assist you maintaining a strong positive relationship with IRD

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